Homophobic Pizzerias and the Streisand Effect

It seems that every day now there is a news article on the internet about X company doing X discrimination or not believing X thing, and as a result, wants to discriminate towards a group of people. The results are always the same: People get mad. Really Mad. Before long, activists start talking about suing, passing laws to prevent future discrimination, and even outright forcefully closing the offending business.

If you cannot tell already, I am describing the current situation with a certain pizza parlor in Indiana that vocalized its belief in not catering the weddings of gay couples. Activists have successfully given the Indiana business one day of chaos, from prank calls and swamping their Yelp review page, and made the business martyrs for sticking to their beliefs. Now there is a crowd-funding campaign that has successfully raised over $800,000 from supporters, making them the most profitable pizza business in Indiana and their ‘success’ provides a perfect example of the (inversed?) Streisand Effect.

This would not have happened if people simply let a small business have their narrow views on marriage and instead gave their patronage to non-discriminatory businesses. It does not even make sense for a person/group facing discrimination to want to force a business to serve them when there are more (than not) businesses that do not discriminate. If a business decides for some irrational reason that they do not endorse X belief or associate with X group, then they will lose business as people learn about this. By denying a discriminatory business any money or any attention, it becomes inevitable that they will fail to compete. Nothing motivates open business like losing customers. Funny enough, economic theory already predicts and shows how discriminatory businesses would run out of business in an open market.

Furthermore, even though their views are objectionable, I do not buy the idea that it is worth ruining their lives. They are not hurting anyone despite their refusal to cater gay weddings. They are guilty of being ignorant and close-minded, but that is it. I do not understand how actively attempting to ruin these people is an honorable goal for a movement that wants to create more social acceptance and understanding instead of fostering the social hate we see today. I guess I have an unpopular opinion.


About Elias Garcia

18 y.o. Male Missouri, USA I like reading history, philosophy, literature, and other things that often make people snore.
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